Opmantek signs further Significant Agreements in Latin America

30 January 14

Opmantek Software Ltd (ASSOB: OMK) headquartered in Australia’s Gold Coast has confirmed that another major Latin American telecommunications provider has licensed its award winning Network Management Software – NMIS.

In early 2012 Opmantek entered the Latin American market and the company continues to experience spectacular growth in the region, in particular within the telecommunications sector. Latin American Telco’s are highly sought after clients, in particular by US Software companies. Opmantek’s commercial telecommunications management products are now used by carriers in Latin America that provide the services to an estimated 40% of the region’s population (excluding Brazil). This is the equivalent of securing business with every telecommunications provider in Australia plus the National Broadband Network, nearly 10 times over.

Opmantek’s latest contract has come from Ecuador where they again defeated the major US software giants competing for the business.


“It is an exciting time at Opmantek” says CEO Danny Maher. “The company has been very busy in the last 12 months seeing excellent business growth and substantial product development. Our penetration into the Latin American carrier space has accelerated alongside new business in North America and Europe .”

Opmantek is currently expanding in the US and Europe but Mr Maher continues to view Latin America as the company’s focus area.

Additional Documents

Click here to download: omk/MEDIA_RELEASE____Ecuador_Contact_Signed2_30jan14.pdf