Opmantek signs major deal with North American Fortune 50 Company

08 September 15

"Opmantek Ltd (ASSOB: OMK) are excited to announce a signed contract with a preeminent North American Fortune 50 company to commence providing network management software and support services based off the launch of Opmantek’s first SaaS/cloud offerings.

The deployment will provide the US giant insight into network and infrastructure performance with analytics to track and identify performance trends, monitoring to ensure external applications are meeting service objectives and customised dashboards that will deliver a centralised view of application and infrastructure elements.

Opmantek CEO, Danny Maher, gave praise to the North American sales team and the technical support team for their efforts in securing the deal. “Signing a company of this stature is a significant validation of the Opmantek business in the US and continues our fantastic growth in the North American region.”

US interest in Opmantek products and services continues to grow rapidly. The NMIS product suite was voted People’s Choice in Systems Management in the American Business Awards last month and has a reputation for being an easy to implement and cost effective solution for enterprises of all scale."

Danny Maher, Managing Director, Opmantek Ltd, 8th September 2015 

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