Opmatek: Innovation on the Gold Coast

26 August 14

Opmantek Ltd (ASSOB: OMK) headquartered on Australia’s Gold Coast, has been awarded the Mayor’s Innovation Award at the August Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards night.


The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards are in their 19th year of operation and are recognized as the region’s most prestigious awards scheme. Opmantek service businesses from all over the world from their Gold Coast base and greatly appreciate the support of the local government and business community. Opmantek also won an award in the ‘Knowledge Management and IT’ category during the 2013 Business Excellence Awards.


Opmantek continue to focus on being the most innovative developer of Network Performance Management Software on the market, recently releasing two new modules to add powerful features to the popular NMIS suite. NMIS is entering its 15th year as an open source project and is suitable for networks of all sizes, but is particularly powerful in complex MSP/ISP networks or highly distributed enterprises.


“We are very proud to see Opmantek and NMIS as a finalist again in these awards. The recognition we receive locally and overseas is solid confirmation that we are meeting a market need and going beyond the traditional expectations of software developers” says Danny Maher, CEO.

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