Podcast: “We sold 90% of our stock within days of arrival, our demand is high”

Ep#163 ft. Craig Cochran Co-Founder and Managing Director of Medcan

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Podcast: “We sold 90% of our stock within days of arrival, our demand is high”

Eden Exchanges spoke to Craig Cochran, who is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Medcan Group Pty Ltd (“Medcan,”, “the Company”), a business dedicated to providing reliable access to patient specific medicinal cannabis products, working with BlueMount Capital. Listen as Craig highlights the barriers of operation in Australia, the change of legislation and how Medcan aims to be the No. 1 supplier of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis in Australia.  

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Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Previous experience in the industry and Craig’s current role
  • What is Medcan?
    Craig describes Medcan and its mission
  • Differentiation  
    Why Medcan is a unique model and the number one provider in Australia
  • Regulation and legalisation
    Australia’s legalisation of Medicinal cannabis and the regulations Medcan has overcome to exist today
  • The product
    The impact of medicinal cannabis products compared to alternative and traditional options and where you can find Medcan
  • Research and studies
    The known prejudice towards using cannabis for medicinal purposes and research and studies that suggest positive outcomes for patients
  • The major markets
    How the demand for medicinal cannabis fairs around the world and Medcan’s prospects for partnership and growth opportunity
  • Strategic priorities
    Where Medcan’s focus lies at present and the milestones to overcome in 2020
  • Board members and support
    The main supporters of Medcan and its mission to provide quality grade pharmaceutical cannabis to everyone in need
  • Drives and motivation
    What drives Craig to continue with Medcan in a controversial industry and to continue to grow the business
  • Be a part of Medcan’s mission
    How to get involved with the business
  • How to get in touch
    How to contact Craig or a member of the team from BlueMount Capital

Click here to listen to the podcast.