Podcast: Unlocking The Value of Cryptocurrency (ft. John O'Shea, Founder of Helio Lending)

30 November 18

Podcast: Unlocking The Value of Cryptocurrency (ft. John O'Shea, Founder of Helio Lending)

Eden Exchanges spoke to John O’Shea, Founder of Helio Lending, a business specialising in cryptocurrency based loans, who is working together with BlueMount Capital.

John, an experienced entrepreneur, saw the opportunity as revolutionary within the lending industry. He discusses the future of cryptocurrency as an asset, how the interest in Helio Lending has been to date as well as the simplicity of their underlying technology and business model.

Discussion Points:

  • Background: Previous experience in the financial industry
  • Helio Lending: Looking at alternative markets and new solutions
  • Differentiating themselves from other solutions:  Shorter processing times, no principals, little to no risk
  • Interest in cryptocurrency : The strengths of the new form of currency
  • Blockchain: How this new technology is even more powerful than the internet
  • Competitors and available technologies: How Helio Lending’s competitors compare. How Helio is ahead in technology
  • Major markets: USA, Europe and Asia. Huge possibilities to quickly expand worldwide
  • Strategic priorities: Launching in December and establishing a strategic position on the Australian market
  • Goals for 2019 and beyond: Recognized as the company in Australia to secure crypto asset back loan
  • Be a part of Helio Lending’s future: How to get involved with the business
  • How to get in touch: How to contact John or a member of the team from BlueMount Capital


Listen to the podcast here.

For more information about Helio Lending, please click here.

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