Project Somnum taps Global market with Breakthrough MedTech

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"The main advantages of the BARM System include:

  • It is the only monitor with algorithms based on a model of brain electrical activity derived from physiological principles. Other anaesthesia monitoring systems on the market use statistically based empirical approaches.
  • Consequently, it is sensitive to a range of sedative and anaesthetic agents including midazolam, propofol, ketamine, nitrous oxide and sevoflurane, some of which other depth of anaesthesia monitors cannot detect.
  • The monitor produces a reading within 2 seconds, compared with 30 seconds for a leading industry competitor, which provides for a more responsive and accurate measurement for the anaesthetist and a significant competitive advantage for the BARM System.
  • The BARM System is believed to be the only EEG based depth of anaesthesia monitor to measure both hypnotic (level of consciousness) and analgesic (pain relief) state."


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September 18th, 2019

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