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12 March 2024

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Craig Myatt, the director of ecoCool Pty Ltd (Project Sustainability), has provided the following update:

"To keep you up to date on developments with Ecocool Pty Ltd:

  1. Ecocool supplied the first K32 Battery/solar system to Tiny Home Group, OEM builders of tiny homes, a key B2B market for us;

  2. We have launched a new online offgrid store, to sell offgrid systems and gear to the Australian and New Zealand markets;

  3. Ecocool placed our first K32 subassembly order with Queensland Connectors & Cables, (QCC) based in Richlands;

  4. Ecocool has co-developed a new 5KWh lithium battery with Vaulta a local Australian company, with 4 modules rolled out in K32 & K33 projects;

  5. We are ready to protoype our new E30 smart meter, for our Energy Dashboard project, with product testing to get underway in March/April."

For more information about ecoCool, please visit our website.

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