Property Joint Venture: Only One Share Parcel Remaining after Current Investor and Land Owner Allocations

24 February 15

Property Join Venture is pleased to announce the following updates:

  • Land Owner has requested to increase from 3 to 6 shares.
  • At least 6 apartments to be bought by investors and land owners.
  • Builder, Marketing and Finance partners have been selected.


Investors are to be guarantors for the limited recourse construction loan with up to 75% of the debt to be covered by pre sales. Applications are being finalised by 2nd March with 1 share parcel remaining after current investor and land owner allocations.


To participate, please request the information memorandum. Funds are to be deposited into the AFSL licensee’s bank account to secure your position.


The company is offering this investment opportunity in Hamilton, QLD, consisting of 23 apartments, all 3 bed/ 2 bath/ 2 car designed as boutique, lifestyle residences with a projected 60% return on equity over an estimated 18 months*. Investors have first choice to purchase apartments and reuse profits.


* Disclaimer: The information contained in this flyer is a summary only and does not constitute an offer or contract to invest. An offer may be provided in a Investment Agreement and potential investors will need to read that document, make their own enquiries and seek independent advice. Projections and forecasts are based on a number of assumptions as a result any adverse or additional expense or variation in assumptions will impact on profit forecasts and distributions to investors.