Qponics: New Logo & Independent Testing of Algae Products

Qponics Update - 16 December 2019

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New Qponics Logo

Qponics directors have approved a new logo for the Company as you can see in the letterhead. This was overdue and the fish and the green leaf, which represented the origins of Qponics as it evolved from an aquaponics company to a fish and microalgae company before becoming solely focused on microalgae, have been jettisoned. The new logo retains the Qponics corporate colours of blue, green and amber and shows the progression of microalgae shaped drops emerging as blue, transforming into green, back to blue and finally as amber, to represent the creation of health and wealth from marine microalgae.

Independent Testing of Algae Products 

The upgraded pilot algae farm commenced operation of the new 65m x 12m pond in November this year to cultivate Nannochloropsis and harvest the new pond using the Liqoflux ultrafiltration system and the Evodos 25 centrifuge. There was a noticeable increase in productivity of algae (measured as grams of algae per square metre per day) in the new pond compared to that experienced using the original smaller ponds at the site. This, together with the improved harvesting process, led Qponics to commission independent analysis of the oil extracted from the dried paste and its protein-rich by-product.

To read the full announcement, please download the news release via the link below. 

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December 16th, 2019

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