"Large-Scale Co-Production of Alternative Protein and Oil from Algae"

Qponics Update – 21 January 2020

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"Producing 1 kg of protein from beef, pork, poultry and soybeans requires 960x, 270x, 90x and 30x more area of land respectively, than producing 1 g of alternative protein from Qponics’ marine microalgae.

Algae cultivated in Qponics’ large outdoor raceway ponds require plentiful average daily hours of sunlight, minimal added nutrients and 2 kg of carbon dioxide is sequestered for every kg of algae produced to rapidly grow by photosynthesis, and ponds are harvested every three days. Qponics plans in the future to capture and store atmospheric carbon dioxide to feed to the algae to become a negative carbon emissions company.

Profitability of Qponics’ marine microalgae farm is planned to be assured from sales of high-value algal oil; therefore, the protein-rich by-product may be wholesaled at prices competitive with all other sources of protein, and protein productivity cannot be affected by the worst of drought conditions."  

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January 21st, 2020

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