Qponics - Progress in upgrading the algae farm in Brisbane

"Progress in upgrading the algae farm in Brisbane

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The upgrade to the pilot algae farm continues towards completion. The Liqoflux ultrafiltration system is operating well above specification and the large automated specialised algae Evodos 25 centrifuge is now ready to accept pre-concentrated algal slurry from the Liqoflux system.

Pasteurization Process

The algal slurry produced by the Liqoflux system passes through a compact pasteurization process to kill all remaining viable algae and most bacteria, prior to centrifugation. It is anticipated that pasteurization will extend shelf-life of the paste prior to drying.

The Company is planning to purchase a spray-dryer to rapidly dry the algal paste. After the paste is dried, it is stable for several months.

Immersible Pump and Pre-Filtration System Installed

The custom-made stainless-steel immersible pump has been installed in the Brisbane River and the pre-filtration system has been installed. Therefore, water flows across the algae farm including the new 65m x 12m production pond, are expected to commence in October.

Algal Powder Protein Content

The protein content of whole algae powder has preliminary in-house testing results of 45%. The figure for the protein-rich by-product was above expectations at 65%, confirming its potential to become an excellent source of alternative protein in food products. Independent analysis of the Qponics algal oil and its protein-rich by-product for a wider range of compounds will be completed during the next month.

From time to time, the video of the upgrade process is updated and may be viewed on the home page of the Qponics website at ."


Dr Graeme Barnett, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Qponics Limited, 16 October 2019. 

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October 16th, 2019

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