ScreenCoach Exciting Updates!

ScreenCoach Oct'22

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"Huge Announcement from the ScreenCoach team…

Our latest App has been approved by Apple and is now in the App Store … using Apple’s screen time API ScreenCoach can block apps on iPhones and iPads! The App blocking feature on Android mobiles isn’t far away (apx. 1 week).

We have our first paying Beta customers and are officially “in the market”!  Woo hoo!

This is the biggest development in the ScreenCoach story since being awarded the second phase of the Federal Government AC Grant in 2020. 

Apple Store

We are thrilled that Apple has approved the latest version of the App which is now live on the App Store for iPhones and iPads. When a child is not allowed to use the device, e.g. at bedtime or when they have no time left, it blocks Apps. If it is not past their bedtime, they can complete some activities to earn more tokens and unblock the Apps.

We are thrilled this has been done in time for the public beta launch. It was a complex feat and, with minimal resources, we are really proud of this result. As per Apple’s guidelines, kids can still use their phones for calls and texts.  A similar feature for Android devices has been submitted to the Google Play Store for approval. 

Image below: This is what Alexia's iPad looks like when she runs out of time.

Beta Launch

We are "in the market"! We have commenced offering ScreenCoach Beta to a portion of our mailing list for $1 per month for 12 months as we continue to improve the product and the onboarding process. As of today, we have 80 sign ups and we will increase this number in the coming weeks.

The Beta launch is an opportunity to continue to collect data from customers to improve the app and address usability issues before we release the app to the public. For our public beta launch, we will offer ScreenCoach for $1 per month for the first 6 months and then $12.99 per month.

We are SO excited to share these significant wins with you.

Other key news for this month:

We have appointed a new interim part-time CEO, Jason Chaffey, with a view to becoming a Director in the coming months.

We have confirmed National TV coverage to coincide with our launch on the 25th October.  

Interim CEO Appointed

We are thrilled to announce that we have appointed Jason Chaffey as an interim Part-time CEO and potential board member. We’ll let his bio speak for itself, we are confident he will help us to take our commercialisation efforts to the next level.

Public Relations

For our Public Beta Launch our amazing PR superstar Mel Grieg from BrandIT has secured national TV coverage here in Australia to feature us in the week starting 24th October. We are thrilled with this result. The network are going to offer their viewers 100 units of the hardware box as an exclusive launch offer. We’ll let you know when it’s going to air so you can tune in! 

Until next month,

Steph, Peter & Gary"

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ScreenCoach Exciting Updates!