ScreenCoach Update August 22

Key achievements this month

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 "Key points for this month:

  • Continue to improve ScreenCoach Apps based on feedback from beta trial families.

  • Confirmed with our marketing & PR team to go ahead with launch on October 22nd.

  • We will be offering ScreenCoach for $1 per month to our mailing list starting next week.

  • Completed the Ignite Qld grant application for $100K grant for 2023.

  • Interviewing potential candidates for CEO and Advisory board to take ScreenCoach global.

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Technically the system is solid and functioning well. Bugs identified have been resolved and the tech team are confident, giving us the green light to proceed to secure our first sales.

A common thread to the feedback so far is that once setting up their account via the setup wizard, users are not sure what to do next. So we are adding a guided tour feature which will dim the screen and put a spotlight on a section with instructions then press next, this will be released within a week. It is great to start adding planned features like this which are the next steps after MVP.  

When combined with our chat support for Web & Mobile apps, we are aiming to help people with their onboarding as much as possible. This image below shows how a user can chat with us or access FAQ & getting starting information.    

We are excited to say that we are making excellent progress with Apple's screen time API which will allow us to block apps on iPhone & iPads when the kids are not allowed to use them. This is a far better solution than what we have in the MVP now. This should be released in the next few weeks (although this may be delayed as we require special permission from Apple).

We are also close with a similar solution for Android which may also be ready soon after the iOS one. These are two larger pieces of work which will really help us hit the mark with customer needs. 

To date, beta trial families have been given access to ScreenCoach for free. 

Starting next week, we will be offering ScreenCoach to our mailing list for $1 per month to test our sales process and have our first paying customers. This will still be under the premise of a Beta trial, hence the low price point.

We have given our PR and marketing team the go-ahead to start planning for a public launch week on October 22nd - which is “Children’s Week” - it ties in nicely with ScreenCoach PR. 

We are going to do a half price special at that time and launch at $6.99 per month to sign up as many users as we can, moving to full price by 1st December, when we expect the mobile blocking feature will be available and even more fine tuning and extra user friendly features applied. 

We have also submitted an Application for a $100K innovation project grant with Ignite Qld, it was a lot of work but we are confident of getting it. We have applied for this funding to help us finalise the ScreenCoach box for full commercialisation as well as support us to engage B2B partnerships.

Now that we have finished with these time intensive materials for the Ignite grant, we can return to adding more information, documentation & email sequences for the users. 

We are also currently interviewing candidates to add to our Advisory Board and for the CEO position, specifically people with experience in taking a SaaS product global and who love the whole ScreenCoach concept."

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