ScreenCoach Update June 2022

Key achievements this month

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"Key achievements this month:

  • We are now in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (hooray!). Beta testers can only create an account and use ScreenCoach if we add them to the VIP list.
  • Franklin Joel has been employed to be our first support person. He has great relevant experience and we are training him up to support our Beta trial group to be ready for our first customers.
  • Live chat support via the Web App is ready and will be operational with our next release this week.
  • We are continuing to remove bugs that pop up and refine the UI.
  • We are ramping up with more Beta testers. As we feel confident they’re using it consistently over the next few weeks, then we plan to start selling to our waiting list at heavily discounted plans. We will offer these discounted plans to our waiting list until we complete the new UI for all platforms.
  • R&D tax rebate documents and 2022 tax returns are being prepared so we can claim our tax back.
  • We are preparing our final documentation to submit as part of the wind-up for the AC grant.
  • We have commenced looking for someone with relevant experience and credentials to become a non-executive chair of the ScreenCoach board to support us as we grow to become an international company. If you have any contacts with anyone who has taken a cloud-based SaaS global, please let us know!
  • We are applying for a couple of grant programs, Ignite Queensland is the pick of the bunch: Ignite Queensland."

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ScreenCoach Update June 2022

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