Seniors Wellbeing: Exploring a new directions for Seniors Wellbeing and Fall Buddy

04 July 14

It wasn’t a surprise to Seniors Wellbeing when they received a call us from a member of Epilepsy Action Australia asking if Fall Buddy could assist people with epilepsy.

Barry’s response was “Lets see what we can do for you”. After a short meeting with his technical team, he felt sure that Fall Buddy could definitely help.


“By utilising the existing short term inactivity settings in Fall Buddy, we know that we can quickly detect when an individual collapses. And once the collapse is detected, Fall Buddy will automatically activate a call for assistance. Research has shown us that if an episode carries on for 30 minutes or more, it should be considered a medical emergency and an ambulance needs to be called. If the seizure doesn’t stop it could cause lasting damage to the brain, or even deat h. Which is why Fall Buddy could really make a difference”.

With over 225,000 Australians living with epilepsy and 25,000 new cases being diagnosed each year. This is indeed a challenging opportunity.