Seniors Wellbeing Limited has reached Significant Milestones

16 June 14

What a week it’s been for Seniors Wellbeing: In full production mode, in revenue and investor rewarded. These are the most important milestones reached by the Company:

  • Seniors Wellbeing reports that the first of many deliveries of their Fall Buddy units has come from their Brisbane based factory in June 2014. Shelves are stocked and all staff training has been completed.


  • The directors of the Company are delighted to announce that the response from both Fall Buddy  potential users and carer organisations has been even better than they expected.


  • The first Fall Buddy has been installed in Hervey Bay, Queensland. Mrs D who was the first customer to purchase a first Fall Buddy said “I was so excited to be the first person to be chosen to receive my Fall Buddy. I have had a few falls in the last year, and I was terrible worried that if I fell and forgot to my pendant again, I could be in big trouble. So when Robyn from Seniors Wellbeing told me about Fall Buddy I thought it would be a great solution for me. What I love most about my Fall Buddy is that when I receive my reminders to take my medicines during the day, I hear my sister’s voice.


  • The director are pleased to announce also that  two of the ASSOB investors have received their complementary Fall Buddy units in Sydney Australia. Barry Sheridan (CEO) Seniors Wellbeing said, “We were delighted to award our supporters, but we were a little surprised to discover that the first of these units is heading straight off to Thailand”. The Company's ASSOB investor stated, “I was constantly worried about my mother in Thailand. I now will know that while I am staying in Sydney Australia, my new Fall Buddy will give me the reassurance I need, knowing that if anything happens to my mother at home, help will not be far away from her."