Seniors Wellbeing: New Fall Buddy another Technical Innovation

17 November 14

“Bed Sensor”


The directors of Seniors Wellbeing are pleased to announce the introduction of “FB Bed Sensor”, a new Fall Buddy innovation for in hospital bed monitoring.

The current solutions for hospital bed monitoring use a simple interface that buzzes if the patient attempts to exit the bed. Unfortunately, the buzz has little meaning to the patient, and staff are not able to measure the degree of danger the buzz represents.

Fall Buddy is now able to detect any attempt at bed exit and deliver a verbal message instructing the patient to remain in their bed and at the same time call the on duty nurse and informing them of the nature and location of the problem.


CEO Barry Sheridan said. “We know that if a patient falls while attempting to exit their bed, the consequences can be very serious. Buzzers just don’t work very well, but verbal commands do, particularly when they are from a familiar voice or in a familiar language. We are very excited to announce this exciting addition to the Fall Buddy range.”