Seniors Wellbeing: New Fall Buddy Technical Innovation

17 November 14

“Alert Speak”

The directors of Seniors Wellbeing are pleased to announce the introduction of “Alert Speak” a new fall Buddy innovation.


Alert Speak is a new Fall Buddy development that will allow “Fall Buddy” to detect when the client is attempting to exit the home. It will immediately deliver a recorded message, using a family members voice, telling the client that they are on their way and that they should go back into the house and wait. Fall Buddy will then telephone the family member or carer and alert them of the pending problem.

CEO Barry Sheridan said. “This is a very significant addition to the Fall Buddy capability range. With family member being able to deliver an alert message, we know that the dementia patient is much more likely to respond in a favourable way. But whatever happens they will be alerted as soon as their loved one wanders away from home”.