"We are confident that FarmMap4D is now on a sustainable growth curve"

Spatial Hub Update 15 October 2021

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"FarmMap4D Lite (FM4D Lite) was released 20th of August. The goal of FM4D Lite is to increase market presence and broaden our client base with a lower cost entry product. From this base product we will offer upsell options to our mid-range FarmMap4D Standard product and through to our premium product.

The release has had the desired effect. New FarmMap4D subscriptions jumped by 25 in August and September. Encouragingly, the FM4D Lite release has prompted strong interest in our higher priced FM4D Standard mapping product; in August and September FM4D Standard subscriptions rose by 19 compared to 5 for FM4D Lite. FM4D Lite is a basic version of our mapping tools and is an attractive entry point at $120/year has a big potential to attract a larger market share of a much wider rural market. 

Further sales will come from new functions such as an automated seasonal ground cover. This information is already housed in our Spatial hub database and only requires a new algorithm to produce the reports. This creates a higher value to our users at limited additional cost for ourselves.

We plan to add two new open-source (free) satellite feeds (a vegetation and moisture index) to give more value to our spatial ground cover analysis. This will be marketed actively with a launch in January 2023 (as we did for FM4D Lite in August this year) which will further boost in new subscriptions in the first quarter in 2022. It will also allow us to test the market on the application of a Dashboard based product for farmers.  

We are confident that FarmMap4D as a product suite is now on a sustainable growth curve. "

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October 15th, 2021

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