FarmMap4D Lite & Planz Town Planning

SpatialHub News Release – August 2021

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FarmMap4D Lite  

In response to requests from our customers we have launched a new “lite version” of our core product FarmMap4D. Smaller family-owned farms have asked for a simpler and less functional-rich version of our product. We have reduced the available functions to a smaller set of most used tools. In addition, the user can for a fee download specialist analysis services for their property. 800 target customers will be approach over the next 2 months and this will be backed by a range of media and social media activities.

Planz Town Planning  

We are delighted to welcome aboard Planz Town Planning as both an investor into Spatial Hub Analytics and a key collaborator in helping define and develop user friendly urban products. Planz have provided an investment of A$100,000. Nikki Huddy and Susie Lord of Planz noted “every day we are approached by multiple parties asking for advice and guidance on development opportunities for a property they own or want to purchase. Working with Spatial Hub Analytics we are committed to developing and deploying a simple to use planning tool that makes the assessment of options and understanding risks much easier to identify”. They also noted “the demand for such a product in significant”.

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August 25th, 2021

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