"Intelligent Farming for Drought Resilience"

SpatialHub Analytics update September 2021

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"There is a critical gap in the market for dedicated geo-spatial information on drought conditions and the way it is conveyed and analysed. Spatial Hub Analytics (SHA) is in a unique position to fill this gap, being one of only a few companies in the world able to standardise complex multi-format satellite data into easy-to-understand drought information. 

Drought Resilience Product in Development

A drought resilience product is still in its early development stage – but we plan to roll it out over the next 12 months as part of the company’s participation in the Australian government’s 3-year regional Drought Hubs initiative. 

The benefit of such a product for end users is significant. The agricultural industry contributes a substantial share to Australia’s GDP and export earnings. Climate change, including severe and prolonged droughts, poses a huge challenge to the health and sustainability of the industry. 

Excitingly, the successful development of a drought resilience tool will lay the foundation to extend the product offering into a broader water management tool, to analyse and improve water management, as well as planning for drought and flood outcomes."

About SpatialHub Analytics

Funding Strategies client Spatial Hub Analytics Pty Ltd (SHA) is an Australian company offering a geospatial data and analytics software platform called SpatialHub, developed to provide customers with a cost effective and intelligent way to access, model and use spatial data and develop solutions based on image intelligence. The Company’s unique open-architecture 4D platform has been designed to be agnostic to data sources and data types, resulting in a flexible and multifaceted analytical tool. Find out more here.  

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