Significant Commercial Agreement - Trading Halt CRe8 Home and Finance Limited (ASSOB: CHF)

08 October 15

"CRe8 has signed a significant commercial agreement, which in the Directors’ opinions materially enhances the value of the company. CRe8 requests a trading halt until a general announcement can be made to remove the risk of insider trading. CRe8 has no intention to alter the number of shares on offer and intends to make the announcement on Wednesday October 14, 2015 following a meeting of the CRe8 Board of Directors.

CRe8 is an innovative developer of products and systems that provide solutions to needs in the property and finance industries. Its flagship product is ‘Home Without a Deposit’ for owner-occupiers and investors. 



Paul Wiwatowski, Director, CRe8 Home & Finance, 08th October 2015