SMSF Invesments

27 July 13

Super fund researcher SuperRatings surveys large super funds, not SMSFs. SuperRatings’ figures show that as at June 30 2012, the large funds it surveys had an average of 31% of their assets in Australian shares, 23.9% in international shares, 16% in fixed interest, 6.8% in cash, 8.8% in property and 13.5% in alternative investments.

A comparison of the average asset allocation of SMSFs and large funds reveal some key differences. The SMSFs surveyed have a much large exposure to property and cash, and a much lower exposure to international shares. Large non-self-managed funds have a significant exposure to alternative investments unlike the typical SMSF portfolio.


For more information on investing via your self managed super fund (SMSF) please contact us and read the full article below (see page 11, Alternative Investment, Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) The Finance Professional Issue 15 June/July 2013)

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