TUTIS VReddo is enjoying a series of exciting developments

TUTIS VReddo Update

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"Fresh in the wake of closing Round 1 of their raise and with Round 2 strongly underway, TUTIS VReddo is enjoying a series of exciting developments: 

1. Key Appointment: Western Australia Regional Solutions Manager 

Jeffrey Graham has been appointed by TUTIS VReddo to undertake Business Development and Account Management activities ‘on the ground’ in WA. Obviously with COVID restrictions, TUTIS VReddo have not been able to prosecute sales opportunities in this critical Resources marketplace over the last 2 years. Jeffrey has over 20 years experience in the Resource industry and direct experience in Workforce Compliance software. He brings with him a wealth of experience and contacts which TUTIS VReddo are very excited to foster into significant sales opportunities over the upcoming quarter. 

2. 3 Year Deal Foxleigh Mine

This expanded deal will bring on significant improvement and efficiencies for Foxleigh, with the innovation of their processes for remote mobilisation and onboarding set to help them yield strong productivity improvements 

3. Successful OkTedi Pilot in PNG

TUTIS VReddo have completed a very successful pilot with OkTedi in Papua New Guinea last year. Based on this success, negotiations are now ensuing for an expanded project set to innovate how their workforce mobilises, onboards and trains staff, as well as how they track competencies & expiries into the future. 

4. TUTIS_CARE Soft Launch & Key Advisory Panel Appointment

Fresh off the back of completing a soft launch of TUTIS_CARE (TUTIS product variant designed for the Residential Aged Care & Care Services market), TUTIS VReddo have made a key appointment to their Advisory Panel, Mr Wayne Knapp. Mr Knapp has enjoyed a strong career in the career sector, including a most recent appointment as the CEO of PresCare. Mr Knapp brings with him a wealth of experience and connections that will aid with access and entry into this emerging market for TUTIS VReddo. 

“Our achievements and results have been strong, but of most excitement this month has been our key appointments. Jeff & Wayne, whilst in different industries and on opposite sides of the Country, stand to significantly help TUTIS VReddo take some big strides forward!” said TUTIS VReddo CEO, Chris Wright.

About TUTIS VReddo

TUTIS VReddo provide cloud plus virtual reality workforce training & compliance software products. TUTIS VReddo is born out of the need to make workforces more agile and productive using technology: more detailed tracking of competencies; more effective competency-based training; and much more effective remote training. The team is passionate about delivering compliance assured. 

Find out more about TUTIS VReddo expansion plans here.

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