TUTIS VReddo signs contract with the EPSA Group

TUTIS VReddo Update 28 September 2021

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TUTIS VReddo is excited to announce the signing this week of a contract with Global mining, civil work and earth moving company, the EPSA Group. 

Whilst the EPSA Group are new to Australia, they have over 50 years of Global experience operating across countries such as Morocco, Spain, Mexico, Chile & Brazil.


The EPSA Group were looking for a workforce compliance solution to improve their productivity and streamline their processes, all in a sustainable, paperless solution. 

“TUTIS_ENTERPRISE is a perfect fit for the EPSA Group” said TUTIS VReddo CEO, Chris Wright. “It’s designed as a workforce compliance software application for large asset intensive enterprises with large workforces who require a variety of skills and operate under strict regulations. It helps enterprise clients expedite staff and contractors working productively and safely on site”.

EPSA Group: Good Client Fit for TUTIS 

 “As good a fit that TUTIS_ENTERPRISE is for the EPSA Group, they’re a great client fit for us too. We harbour large Global aspirations, so to work with such a Global client provides us unique access to the other markets in which they operate. My prior software company was acquired by IBM in 2018 and had a significant footprint in the Americas, so the prospect of following the EPSA Group into these markets again is very exciting” said Mr Wright. 

TUTIS_ENTERPRISE software enablement for the EPSA Group has already commenced with a full ‘go-live’ across their workforce scheduled for later this year. 

Mr Wright suggested “We can’t wait for the EPSA Group to start using TUTIS_ENTERPRISE and are looking forward to the Australian division showcasing it’s capabilities to their global counterparts”. 

About TUTIS VReddo 

TUTIS VReddo provide cloud plus virtual reality workforce training & compliance software products. TUTIS VReddo is born out of the need to make workforces more agile and productive using technology: more detailed tracking of competencies; more effective competency-based training; and much more effective remote training. The team is passionate about delivering compliance assured. 

Find out more about TUTIS VReddo expansion plans here.

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