"TUTIS VReddo is enjoying a very successful commercial quarter"

TUTIS VReddo Update

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"Highlights of this quarter include: 


  • Successfully completing a Pilot program with OK Tedi Mining Limited in Papua New Guinea. This pilot was for delivery of tablet-based, paperless assessments for the Electrical Department; now it has been successful in one area of the Ok Tedi business, they’re poised to expand from the pilot into a full, broader deployment in 2022
  • Onboarded global mining, civil work & earth moving company, the EPSA Group, who have subsequently gone on to expand the scope of the TUTIS_ENTERPRISE deployment last month. Beyond this immediate engagement, the prospects for expanded work with this client into 2022 & beyond is significant, given their multi-national operations across Europe, Africa & America.
  • TUTIS VReddo are delighted to have partnered with Mining Skills Australia (MSA). MSA are experts in developing virtual reality (VR) content for the mining industry; the combination of the TUTIS VReddo LIVE VR platform together with MSA VR content provide a compelling solution for customers in the resources sector. 


  • Three new Registered Training Organisations have signed in the current quarter, two of which are CRICOS RTOs (servicing international students). Borders re-opening and the return of hundreds of thousands of international students, is bringing renewed confidence to the sector. Significantly these CRICOS RTO signings involve VReddo LIVE simulated classrooms as part of their deployment, a clear sign of their intent to differentiate amidst the ‘new normal’ for international education. 


  • Signed a second partner in Aged Care, being Rebecca Hogan of 3C Management, who is incredibly influential and connected within the industry, not the least of all for her current role on the Leading Age Services Australia Next-Gen Board. 
  • TUTIS_CARE is the keynote speaker sponsor at December’s National Disability Services National CEO Conference, which is expected to bring together a majority of leaders from across the disability services industry and provide TUTIS VReddo with unique introductions and exposure 

“Whilst the achievements of this current quarter have been exciting, it’s the amazing foundation and opportunities it’s helping set-up for the start of 2022 which is truly significant. Off the back of this momentum the whole team have a spring in their step and a genuine excitement for the growth ahead!” said TUTIS VReddo CEO, Chris Wright. 

About TUTIS VReddo 

TUTIS VReddo provide cloud plus virtual reality workforce training & compliance software products. TUTIS VReddo is born out of the need to make workforces more agile and productive using technology: more detailed tracking of competencies; more effective competency-based training; and much more effective remote training. The team is passionate about delivering compliance assured. 

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