Uchoose achieves its First Top Spot in key SEO targets and continues to build online presence

24 June 14

The Uchoose business continues to achieve against its goal of becoming a leading choice for households and small business to find a better energy offer securing its first top positioning in its SEO efforts succeeding in one of the most competitive spaces of “comparing electricity”, beating out some long established and well‐known brands.

This is a great accomplishment in collaboration with their SEO partners and underlines the progress being made on this key front in not only building legitimate traffic in these early stages but importantly a sustainable presence with strong authority in this space moving forward.

The business expects to see these type of outcomes continue to yield results in coming months as efforts grow in building an online footprint as well as broader channels to market with the aim of increasing conversions and revenues, particularly as the upcoming annual price changes in July take effect in 3 out of the 4 Eastern Markets where customer activity increases with customers looking to reduce their energy costs and find better value in the market.