Uchoose broadens revenue streams through solar and extends its Offer to investors

25 August 14

The Uchoose business is pleased to advise its commencement into additional revenue streams entering into a partnership agreement in the area of household solar and in conjunction has also decided to extend the 2013 Investor offer.

Uchoose has been building through 2013/14 as a full service aggregator (online and contact centre) to provide customers an easy and free way in which to shop, choose and switch Electricity and Gas Providers through the National market. Besides aiming to become a leader in service, Uchoose differentiates itself from other services in this sector as well by offering a truly unbiased service with its market first fee model.

To add to the growing revenues from the previous quarters, Uchoose has now secured the first of it’s partner agreements in the form of a referral program with a household solar provider.


“With demand for Solar in Australia forecasted to continue for the anticipated future, this has always been seen as a strong and immediate opportunity for Uchoose given the natural synergies with this product and household energy bills.” Murray Eivers Managing Director stated. “The referral program concept represents a low cost, high margin entry point for the Uchoose business that gives us the first step in building choice in this space and monetise cross marketing opportunities into the existing and growing Uchoose database of customers.We’re already in discussions with a number of providers to build the proposition in this space including more than one of our energy partners.” Murray concludes.


In conjunction with the above and the having achieved the key launch milestones in late 2013 and revenue growth in the first half of the 2014 calendar year, it has been the decision of the Board to extend the current Offer to investors for 3 months with the new closing date for the Uchoose offer at 30th November 2014 at 5pm where the business is looking to fund accelerated growth.