Uchoose frontline productivity improves 28% and hits another quarter of revenue growth

26 September 14

The Uchoose business is pleased to advise of another successful month of progress, improving on its frontline productivity rates by 28% which combined with its third successive quarter of revenue growth at 18% against the previous period continues to build on achievements to date.

Uchoose has been building through 2013/14 as a full service aggregator (online and contact centre) to provide customers an easy and free way in which to shop, choose and switch Electricity and Gas Providers through the National market. Besides aiming to become a leader in service, Uchoose differentiates itself from other services in this sector as well by offering a truly unbiased service with its market first fee model.

“Frontline productivity feeds directly into revenues and underlying profitability so this is of course a great step forward for the business” Managing Director Murray Eivers states. “We’re already achieving the targeted conversion rates which also reflects well on our product suite in relation to finding value for a good portion of customers we talk to” Murray continues to say. “When we apply these trends to the diversification and growth of our traffic channels moving forward, it bodes well for Uchoose’s ongoing success.”

“We’re now increasingly focussed on growth and scale opportunities and on the current value proposition for investors based on the milestones and achievements to date we’re more and more confident Uchoose provides strong value for it’s current and future shareholders” Murray concludes.