Uchoose has extended its 2013 Offer to Investors

30 November 14

With the Uchoose business having achieved the key launch milestones in late 2013 and revenue growth in the first half of the 2014 calendar year, and importantly the closing of Round 1 it has been the decision of the Board to extend the current Offer to investors for 3 months with the new closing date for the Uchoose offer is 20th February at 5pm.

With Uchoose continuing to grow its revenue, the extension provides the Uchoose business the most efficient vehicle in the shorter term to continue to push for growth in the coming months as it enters into a new phase of marketing whilst preserving the same value and potential upside for investors.

The Company has a Supplementary Offer Document which is dated 21st December 2013 in order to provide investors with an update in regards to the Company’s progress over those 12 months and details of the extended offer and can be read in conjunction with the Original Offer Document.