Uchoose launches Updated Website

18 October 13

Uchoose took the next exciting step in its evolution with completion and release of its next generation website that brings together a new look with enhanced user functionality.

The launch represents another important step as Uchoose builds a strong and growing presence in the energy comparator space and provides a great platform for its business.

“The changes have been largely driven by user groups and early online visitors to the site whilst it was in Beta mode. The feedback helped validate what worked and what needed adjusting to improve useability and enhance customer experience. The results and feedback have been very positive to date” Murray Eivers Managing Director stated.

“Key improvements focussed around areas of useability such as our Quickstart option and the type of information customers were ideally looking for as part of their decision making process. All changes were aimed at making the process of shopping, choosing and switching easier and we’re pleased with the outcomes that underpin our goal of being the easiest service of this type for households and small businesses to use”.