Uchoose Opportunities: Key players in energy market report incresead spend for customer growth

01 March 13

The latest half yearly reporting from leading energy providers presents a picture of increasing competition for market share, and heightened opportunities for new players to enter the evolving marketplace.

Publicly listed providers AGL and Origin have reported a significant jump in spend as a result of the increasing need to acquire and retain customers, as competition in the Eastern States continues to grow.

Murray Eivers, Managing Director of UChoose Holdings Ltd an emerging new player in the online energy market notes that both AGL and Origin reported a combined half yearly “retain and grow” spend of $92m on their own, which is up by more than 27% on the same period last year. “These latest numbers simply confirm for us the trends we expected to see both now and into the future, as the fight for market share intensifies. This also signals a commitment to driving new customer acquisition and the increased need to spend on retaining them, in the face of growing competition from the other 11 or so competitors across the states,” he adds.