Uchoose progresses with energy providers and enters discussions with Leading Financial Services Business

19 July 13

Negotiations continue to move forward on multiple fronts between Uchoose and energy providers with the launch of its next offers to market in the advanced stages of setup and testing.

With the growth of its product suite and the current enhancements towards customer engagement underpinned by the promising demand since launch, the business is positioning well to increase traffic growth and offer take up in coming months by both households and small businesses.

“We’re making good progress with these negotiations given the energy industry is full of change at present and the recent developments in our next offering is a very exciting one for the Uchoose value proposition and consumers alike.” Managing Director Murray Eivers states. “We’ll look forward to revealing more in the coming month or so. In the meantime we remain focussed on building value into the energy offering and the broader customer experience which will set the platform for growth moving forward.”