Uchoose shrinks Energy Bills and continues on Path of Growth

30 April 14

The Uchoose business continues to build its presence and product suite across the Eastern States and in doing so continues to find genuine value for customers in the market whilst saving customers hours of shopping around to find the best offer for their needs.


Uchoose Limited is a full service aggregator (online and contact centre) for household and small business users frustrated with rising energy costs and the difficulties and complexity to do anything about it. The Uchoose service provides consumers with a free, simple and truly unbiased way to shop, choose and switch Electricity and/or Gas Providers.

“We’re seeing some great stories for residential and small business customers in saving them time and money.” Managing Director Murray Eivers states.


“As an example, we had a customer in Victoria recently for whom we assessed his latest bill and within 15 minutes found an offer that saved approximately $640 per year off his electricity costs. This translated into an 11% reduction on his current spend. In another instance we helped a uniform manufacturing business in Queensland reduce their total energy costs by 8% which for them meant a saving of around $350 per month. Whilst both these customers are what we would consider above average energy users, the outcomes and value are relative across the range of customers we’re speaking to so it’s great to see we can add such value.”

“Importantly it’s not only the genuine savings we can provide for a lot of customers, but it’s the hours of shopping around we eliminate for the customer and back it with unbiased advice underpinned by our market first fee model that competitively positions the business well for growth.” Murray concludes.