Uchoose successfully negotiates adjustment of Fees enhancing forward Revenues

27 October 14

The Uchoose business is pleased to advise that it has successfully negotiated lift in fees with its partners that will stand to further enhance the already existing growth of revenues in the business seen in recent months.

Uchoose has been building through 2014 as a full service aggregator (online and contact centre) to provide customers an easy and free way in which to shop, choose and switch Electricity and Gas Providers through the National market. Besides aiming to become a leader in service, Uchoose differentiates itself from others in this sector as well by offering a truly unbiased service with its unique fee model.

“This is a great vote of confidence and support from our partners in the growth of the Uchoose business” Managing Director Murray Eivers states. “Whilst the lift is one that preserves strong value for our clients it provides the Uchoose business an additional opportunity to fuel further growth and moving forward capitalises on the improvements made in our sales and marketing capability” Murray continues to say. “When we combine this with our growing sales it’s a positive boost to earnings in the coming year.”

With the business now focussed towards growth and working on a number of opportunities to grow the share of market traffic that sees 1.9 million Australian households switch energy offers per year, the current value proposition for investors based on the milestones and achievements to date translates into an increasingly strong value proposition for it’s current and future shareholders.