Walker Capital Closes Round 1

12 June 18

Walker Capital Closes Round 1

Walker Capital Closes Round 1

On behalf of Walker Capital, I am excited to announce the completion of Round 1 of our capital raise within hours of launching the offer, achieving $250,000. We have now commenced Round 2 of the capital raise.

The Round 1 funds will be used to launch our marketing campaign including a complete inbound marketing strategy. Funds will also be used for the development of our investment platform and integration with our broker / counterparties.

We thank our cornerstone investor for their confidence in the Company; within 24 hours we have opened and closed our first round subscription and are excited to have achieved a notional 100% increase for our cornerstone investor with the opening of Round 2.

Michael Walker, Founder, Walker Capital, 12th June 2018.


Please read the full announcement via the link below.

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