Wildfire Energy wins Sustainability Innovation Award in CORE Innovation’s 2022 Hot 30 Awards

The award celebrates the hottest Australian innovators in the mining, energy, resources, oil & gas, space and defence industries

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"Wildfire Energy is pleased to announce it has won the Sustainability Innovation Award in CORE Innovation’s Hot 30 which celebrates the hottest Australian innovators in the mining, energy, resources, oil & gas, space and defence industries. The Hot 30 Awards exist to showcase the next generation of businesses who are successfully developing technology and using innovation to shape the future of their industries, today. 

The Hot 30 Awards is presented by CORE which is Australia’s first innovation hub for the resources sector and judged by a panel of experts from industry and government. Find out more, at 2022 Hot 30 Awards and Wildfire Energy Hot 30 Profile. 

“Wildfire is excited to have won the Sustainability Innovation Award and been named as a 2022 Hot 30 recipient! The award is further recognition of the potential of our MIHG technology and the role it can play to improve the sustainability of the energy and resources sectors.”, said Greg Perkins, Co-founder and CEO of Wildfire Energy. 

“Winning the Sustainability Innovation Award in the 2022 Hot 30 is a fantastic endorsement of our MIHG technology and our company’s vision to eliminate landfilling and generate renewable energy products from residual waste.”, said Denis Doucet, Co-founder and CTO of Wildfire Energy. 

“The Hot 30 Awards are very competitive, and the judging panel are experts in the challenges faced by the resources sector. So, we are thrilled to have been selected for the 2022 list and are delighted to accept the Sustainability Award.”, said Grant Bollaert, Co-founder and General Manager of Engineering at Wildfire Energy.

About Wildfire Energy: 

Wildfire Energy’s vision is to eliminate landfill by turning waste into renewable energy and hydrogen. Global solid waste generation is over 2 billion tonnes annually and landfills are responsible for over 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Wildfire Energy’s solution is called MIHG, a simple process which converts waste into electricity and hydrogen, with negative carbon emissions. Wildfire Energy has developed modular plants which can be rapidly deployed and used to convert biomass and waste into renewable energy products at very low cost. This makes Wildfire Energy’s solutions ideally suited for improving waste management in outer urban, regional and remote communities, where landfill is currently the only option."

For more information about the Company’s plans please click here.

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