Your Business: How a Strategy Session can assist

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Your Business: How a Strategy Session can assist

As mentioned in our previous article “How a virtual CFO can help”, our team at Funding Strategies often witness that small and medium-sized companies are resource constrained and focused on day-to-day operations. Therefore, it is hard for companies to see the big picture and review it objectively.

Funding Strategies offers strategy sessions as a part of our services. Strategy sessions allow our client’s company, with our support, to design a road map to understand how the company can move forward, and determine how much money the company needs, and short, medium and long term actions to take to meet the identified goals. As we are not involved in the company’s operations, our suggestions are entirely independent.

In our experience, strategy sessions have been a great tool for companies to step back and think about what they want to achieve for the financial year and longer periods. They have been helpful to align shareholders’ vision about the future of their company, help to determine the critical path forward, and align stakeholders. As mentioned before, the day-to-day operations can be demanding, making the company’s corporate planning quite challenging.

We have also seen companies ready to scale up, however, they are not sure how to do it and what is required to proceed. At the strategy sessions we help them to design the actions the company needs to take to do so, evaluating the pros and cons. 

What we are currently seeing more frequently are companies in distressed situations. Our experience tells us that it is easier to fund a company that doesn’t have financial issues or does not need the funds immediately. A strategy session with us helps to identify if the company is having a working capital, accounts receivable, or cost of production issues, or any other anomaly that can affect the company’s financials. If that is the case, the session can assist with determining the steps needed to minimise the impact on the company’s books, including raising capital. In addition, the session allows us to identify the most suitable sources of capital.

If you are looking for your company to take the next step, we recommend our strategy session. Now is the time to restructure your business strategies and build a funding strategy. For more information, please visit Strategy Session|Funding Strategies.

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