Spatial Hub Analytics to launch "Property Intelligence in your Hand" product

It allows users to conduct initial assessments of a property, its development opportunities, constraints and risks

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"Media Release – 07th October 2021 

Responding to identified industry and individual needs, Spatial Hub Analytics (SHA), has developed an easy to use product, designed for mobile devices, that allows users to conduct initial assessments of a property, its development opportunities, constraints and risks. Users will have the option to buy a basic report with a high-level summary of site and planning factors or a more advanced report with additional overlays of information such as fire and flood risks and items such as Council Services. 

Convenient Property Intelligence at an Affordable Price 

Designed to be used in the field by individuals, smaller developers, real estate agents and town planners, the aim is to provide "property intelligence in your hand" at an affordable price. Today, an initial assessment report by a Town Planner of a site's potential may cost between $500-$1000. SHA's product will provide much of the same information for $50 and within minutes rather than days. For a small developer conducting between 5-10 initial assessments a month the value of the product becomes very clear. 

The product will be launched in the 1st quarter of 2022. A more sophisticate product based on interactive mapping tools will follow 3-4 months later." 

Spatial Hub have worked closely with real estate agents and town planners on this product. Here are two video testimonials. 

Spatial Hub Analytics to launch
SHA Video Testimonial 1
Spatial Hub Analytics to launch
SHA Video Testimonial 2

About Spatial Hub Analytics

Funding Strategies client Spatial Hub Analytics Pty Ltd (SHA) is an Australian company offering a geospatial data and analytics software platform called SpatialHub, developed to provide customers with a cost effective and intelligent way to access, model and use spatial data and develop solutions based on image intelligence. The Company’s unique open-architecture 4D platform has been designed to be agnostic to data sources and data types, resulting in a flexible and multifaceted analytical tool. 

Find out more about Spatial Hub's expansion plans here.

About Funding Strategies

Funding Strategies is an Australian based capital markets firm providing venture equity capital and finance services to small business and companies seeking capital for growth and expansion in the unlisted and pre-IPO capital markets. We work with predominately private and public companies, and sophisticated investors. If you would like more information about Spatial Hub, please email or phone +61 7 3160 2840.

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October 7th, 2021

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