New fast and cost-effective Property Search Product

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"24 February 2022

New fast and cost-effective Property Search Product

Spatial Hub Analytics is pleased to announce its latest product, PropertyScope, is in the final stages of testing, to be released in Queensland late March before being rolled out around Australia later in the year. 

Using PropertyScope the buyer can quickly download a simple basic report giving a snapshot of the property or select a more detailed advanced report covering everything from lot details, slope, material change of use, surrounding developments, flood and bushfire overlays, council town water and sewage, and even school zones. 

Importantly, this going to be a time and cost saver for our users. The advanced report would cost a town planner close to $500 and 4 hours to produce. We are selling it for $50 and can generate it in less than a minute! 

The market we are in is booming. The total number of professional property reports being generated right now by town planners, property developers, conveyancers, banks and other financial players in Australia is around 2 million per year. Excitingly, if we add mum and dad buyers potentially purchasing our cheaper basic report the number could easily double."

Mark Pervan FM4D, General Manager"

New fast and cost-effective Property Search Product

About Spatial Hub Analytics

Spatial Hub Analytics Pty Ltd (SHA) is an Australian company offering a geospatial data and analytics software platform called SpatialHub, developed to provide customers with a cost effective and intelligent way to access, model and use spatial data and develop solutions based on image intelligence. The Company‚Äôs unique open-architecture 4D platform has been designed to be agnostic to data sources and data types, resulting in a flexible and multifaceted analytical tool.  Contact us to find out more.  

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Funding Strategies is an Australian based capital markets firm providing venture equity capital and finance services to small business and companies seeking capital for growth and expansion in the unlisted and pre-IPO capital markets. We work with predominately private and public companies, and sophisticated investors. If you would like more information about Spatial Hub, please email or phone +61 7 3160 2840.

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